South Water Kitchen - Chicago, IL, 60601, United States

Executive Chef Roger Waysok

  • Roger Headshot

Born and bred in the Windy City, Executive Chef Roger Waysok knows Chicago: its back roads, its personalities, its secrets. He employs this inimitable understanding of Midwestern cuisine in the creation of exciting dishes that pay homage to his hometown, one of the cradles of American cooking. Starting out as a short-order cook, Chef Roger moved on to help open Kimpton's Sable Kitchen & Bar, a popular spot in River North.

“Cooking is one of those things that consumes me,” he says of his hobby turned profession. “It fascinates me to no end.” When he’s not in the kitchen, you can find him playing his ESP Truckster guitar, spending time with his wife and son, Marshall, and indulging in a classic old-fashioned Chicago dog, loaded up with sport peppers, celery salt, and the works— like a true Chicagoan.